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Conclave Routine

Temple of Poi conclave fire dancers doing the 2004 Burning Man fire routine

  • 13 years 7 months ago
    Hey Waldemar.
    I downloaded this file 002673.
    And i just wonder if we can use just a snitt of it on our homepage
    Like a kind of logo,
    We are an nonecommersial org. planning a new Fire Art Festival in nov. 2005
    placed in Tromsoe Northen Norway.
    Our Homepage are still under construction, but we will be pleased if we can add you as a friend to the festival, and we also can link to your homepage.
    If you want.
    You did a lot of work with your photos, gallery and you got many very nice poi pictures. Witch we dont.
    Some of us planning to go to Burningman next year....
    Hope all is ok with you,
    So please take contact.